Dundas Farmers Market 2024

June 13 – October 17, 2024

Thursdays, 2pm-6pm

Looking forward to seeing you in June!


The Dundas Farmers’ Market is a not for profit grower and producer market. The market was revitalized in 2008 to create a place that restores the link between farmers and consumers. A place where local farmers can sell their produce and shoppers can purchase locally grown and produced foods. The market operates seasonally once a week on Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm at the corner of Hatt street and Miller’s Lane in Dundas.


A. Van Elswyk Farms

Location: Waterdown

Third and forth generation farm located in Waterdown specializing in homegrown vegetables and cut flowers. In spring we enjoy wholesaling vegetable trays and annual flowers. In the summer we grow our own produce to sell at local markets and at home. In the winter we finish out our year wholesaling cabbage, leeks, turnip and brussel sprouts.



Brantview Apples & Cider

Location: St. George

Brantview Apples & Cider is an 8th generation family farm. 2021 brings our 200th harvest! We have Pick your Own and hand picked apples, a scratch bakery and an apple themed store front. We are also home of Howell Road Cider Company, which produces small batch craft cider.




Den Besten’s Trout Farm

Location: Langton

The Den Besten’s Trout Farm specializes in smoked trout products. We smoke our own trout using real wood. In addition to smoked trout, which comes in a variety of flavours, we also offer Garlic King homemade garlic butter, non-GMO free run eggs from our farm and our ever popular sausage rolls.



Brantwood Farms

Location: Brantford

Since 1891 the Pate Family has lived and farmed in Brant County. Over time various aspects of the farm have changed over the decades our passion and dedication to agriculture remains the same. It is our goal to bring the best in home-grown and locally produced fruits, vegetables and goods to our community. From rhubarb to strawberries, apples, sweet corn and pumpkins we grow a variety of fruits and vegetables on our home farm. What we do not grow ourselves we source from local growers and producers in the area.




Fenwick Berry Farm

Location: Fenwick 

Dave and Christine Klyn-Hesselink, with the help of our family, friends and employees, have been growing fruit in the Niagara region for 20 years. We are a first-generation family farm, striving to cultivate nutritious and delicious fruit through sustainable growing practices. 



Plan B Organic Farm

Location: Flamborough

Certified organic farm located in Flamborough since 1997. 




Harrington Lane Farms and Gardens

Location: Waterdown

Our Farmstead is nestled in the Niagara Escarpment in North Burlington where we; mother and daughter team; Krista and Lauren tend to a small flock of hens and ducks and raise heirloom small fruits and vegetables alongside cut flowers out in pasture. We specialize in pastured pork, heirloom tomatoes and farmhouse style preserves.




Hunters Maple Bush

Location: Troy

Here at Hunters Maple Bush we are family owned and operated and have been in production in the same bush for over 50 years. We produce the highest quality maple syrup and confections. Everything proudly made by us!




Pierogi Me!

Location: Ancaster/Burlington

Pierogi Me! is a local one stop shop for gourmet pierogi. All homemade, handmade, with local ingredients. Egg, nut and peanut free. Vegan and gluten free pierogi are also available.





Location: Dundas

Rudy’s was born from a desire to enjoy a refreshing treat without worrying about artificial flavours or colours. All natural vegan paletas and ice cream made with fruit, coconut milk and sweetened with organic cane sugar. Free from dairy, gluten and soy. It arose from a craving for handcrafted, pure fruit goodness. Only the best ingredients make it to the mix.




Jones Family Greens

Location: Eden Mills

Jones Family Greens grow at Edgewood Farm in Eden Mills, Ontario. Produce is grown in an ecological and sustainable manner to produce the most nutritious and flavourful food possible and has recently become Certified Naturally Grown. We pride ourselves in its varied mixed greens as well as a mix of seasonal produce.



Nutty Hero

Location: Burlington

Courtney & Arjun started NuttyHero to share their passion for health & wellness, have a
positive impact on their community and make people smile. NuttyHero Nut & Seed Butters
are handmade in small batches, using a mix of 12 “Elite” nuts and seeds with 100% natural
ingredients. 2% of all our Net Sales go towards funding meal donations (Feed Ontario) and planting trees (One Tree Planted)




Albion Hills Farm

Location: Palgrave

Albion Hills is a family-based, handcrafted cured and smoked meat company.  Influenced by old European traditions, a lifelong dream of agriculture and the ancient art of drying and curing meats since 1966.  A variety of smoked pepperettes, salami, sausage and kolbassa are featured in our offerings, along with delicious soft pretzels and focaccia.




Forest Fruits Mushrooms

Location: Hamilton

Forest Fruits Mushrooms is a Hamilton based gourmet and medicinal mushroom farm.
The growing methods upcycle wood and agricultural waste products into delicious
fresh mushrooms which are a healthy addition to a balanced diet. Forest Fruits has as
a mission to provide fresh mushrooms and to educate about the benefits of mushrooms
and to teach how to grow your own mushrooms. Pearl Oyster, Elm Oyster, King Oyster, Pink Oyster, Blue Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Enoki, Maitake, Morels, Wine Caps. Mushrooms species as available.

Barrel Heart Brewing

Location: Ancaster

Barrel Heart Brewing uses old-world brewing traditions to make beer in the saison style. Barrel Heart Brewing beers are aged in oak barrels that previously held wine and fermented on locally grown fruit. Their house barrel culture, coupled with the distinct flavours of fruit bring a refreshing acidity to the mellow character of their aged beer.



Summit Station Dairy & Creamery

Location: Copetown

Summit Station Dairy & Creamery is Hamilton’s only family-run, on-farm dairy. Whole milk in returnable glass bottles, squeaky cheese curds, creamy yoghurt, and small-batch artisanal butter — from our own farm and cows to the market. Yes, we’re making chocolate milk too.




Tijuana Tom’s House of Hot Sauce

Location: Milton

We are Thomas & Kendra, the founders of Tijuana Tom’s House of Hot Sauce! We travelled for the better half of five years to over 40 countries on 4 continents living in several countries while we were at it and wanted to bring those global flavours home in the form of artisan hot sauce. Each sauce is a representation of our favourite places we’ve either lived in or travelled to, from mild to hot we’ve got all your culinary necessities! Handcrafted in Milton, ON.




Dear Grain Bakery

Dear Grain is an artisan sourdough bakery based in Hamilton, Ontario. We create high end breads and pastries for the surrounding communities. Our sourdough bread is a labour of love. We leverage old world techniques in modern ways to deliver a new kind of “bread experience”. We combine a slow fermentation process (12-36 hours) with high levels of hydration to produce nourishing loaves that are scrumptious AND ultra-digestible. We pride ourselves on our use of organic and heirloom grains to uphold quality and great taste.